Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway represents businesses and consumers in class action lawsuits against corporations and large financial industry companies around the world that engage in anti-competitive practices such as price fixing, market manipulation, market division, bid rigging, and unfair competition.  When corporations conspire to fix prices, rig markets, divide markets or seek improper competitive advantages, they increase their profits at the expense of consumers and other businesses that try to compete fairly. Such corporations also violate the antitrust and unfair competition laws designed to ensure that businesses fairly compete with each other in our market economy.

We seek to hold corporations that engage in anticompetitive behavior liable to the consumers and fair competitors they victimize. Federal and state laws prohibit anticompetitive conduct and unfair business practices that harm fair competitors and consumers, drive up prices, and distort markets. Examples of such anticompetitive, unlawful practices include: price fixing; market manipulation; bid rigging; market (or territory) division; unfair competition.

We aggressively prosecute anticompetitive practices in a wide range of industries, from finance, commodities and precious metals to medical products and oil and gas. We litigate antitrust cases against some of the largest companies in the world.

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Joe Peiffer
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