Employee Rights


Our employee rights practice includes both Human Trafficking cases and, more generally, wage and hour violations. The firm and its attorneys have represented hundreds of employees who have been the victims of employee abuse. 

While severe cases of employee abuse can include human trafficking claims, where overseas workers are brought to work in terrible conditions in the United States, many claims are for unpaid overtime or improper classification of an employee. Employers often also force workers into working hours and wrongly telling the workers that they cannot count many worked hours on their time clock. This happens when workers work from home or, in some circumstances, are not paid for their travel time, not paid for putting on and taking off specialized protective gear or not paid the proper break and rest time. When you work hours for your employer, you deserved to be compensated for those hours.

Our firm has handled many of these cases and has the resources, skills and talent to prosecute these cases on behalf of mistreated employees.

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