Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway is focused on protecting shareholders’ rights through legal actions designed to hold accountable corporate directors and officers, improve corporate governance and disclosure, preserve corporate assets, and protect shareholder rights and shareholder value. The Peiffer Wolf’s Shareholder Rights and Derivative Litigation Group takes action to protect shareholder rights in the context of mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, and other transactions involving changes in corporate control.

The Peiffer Wolf lawyers prosecute derivative actions – lawsuits brought by a company’s shareholder on behalf of, and for the benefit of the company for harm suffered by all shareholders. Derivative actions allow corporate shareholders to take action when the corporation – hence its owners, the shareholders – is harmed by its own management. Derivative actions seek the corporate recovery of damages and/or equitable relief arising out of improper or unlawful conduct by corporate directors and officers.  When prosecuting derivative actions, the Peiffer Wolf lawyers typically seek, in addition to the corporate recovery of damages, the implementation of corporate governance reforms to strengthen and protect shareholder value.

It is our belief that corporate governance reforms adopted as a result of derivative litigation brought by shareholders typically make corporate officers and directors more accountable to shareholders, improve shareholder value, increase investor confidence, and protects companies and their shareholders from fraud and corporate misconduct.

Practice Chair

Joe Peiffer
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