The Shareholders of Peiffer Rosca Wolf founded our law firm in 2013 with a common vision: providing first-class legal representation to clients who seek to recover for injuries suffered at the hands of others. Too often the powerful interests in our society run roughshod over the rights of ordinary people and less powerful entities. We do our best to restore that balance.

We came together to form a firm comprised of smart, experienced, passionate, dedicated, and fun people. The attorneys and staff at Peiffer Rosca Wolf produce top-quality work while enjoying our relationships with our clients and each other. 

Whether it is our representation of investors who have lost their life savings to fraudsters, our work on behalf of retirement plan participants whose assets have been mismanaged, or cases involving labor violations, constitutional law, catastrophic injury, or life-changing criminal matters, we are dedicated to getting the best possible results for our clients.

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  • Invokana Lawsuit Moves Forward | Invokana Lawyers

    Invokana Lawsuit Moves Forward | Invokana Lawyers

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    Invokana Lawsuit | Invokana Amputation Lawyers | Invokana Injury Lawyers Invokana Lawsuit – One of the many lawsuits against Invokana and its Manufacturers is based out of the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, where...

    Dicamba Damage Lawsuits | Dicamba Damage Lawyers

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    Dicamba Damage Lawsuits | Dicamba Damage Lawyers Attorney Paul Lesko of Peiffer Rosca Wolf continues to push forward on the fight against the manufacturers of the herbicide dicamba. Fighting on behalf of farmers across the...
  • Biometric Data Collection | Biometric Data Lawsuit

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    Biometric Data Collection | Former Providers Plus Employee Alleges Biometric Information Collected Without Consent BELLEVILLE, IL (December 20, 2017) — Recently, a Belleville man came forward with a claim against Providers Plus, alleging that the Missouri corporation...